Discover the Potential of CBD Oil for Pets

Are you eager to explore the potential of CBD oil for your pet's pain, palliation, or anxiety? While it's a nascent area with ongoing research, we at First Paw recognize CBD oil's promising attributes and invite you to leverage Australia's legal veterinary prescribing advantage.

Why Choose First Paw for CBD Oil?

Our commitment is driven by a conservative yet professional approach. Collaborating with open-minded and thoughtful pet owners like you, we strive to be your first choice when considering this avant-garde natural remedy for your pet.


(Partner Compounding Pharmacy)
PETCANN harness the power of cannabinoid-derived medicines so your pets can enjoy life at their social and emotional best. PETCANN committed to providing high-quality pet medicines, tailored to your furry friend’s needs.

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Your Journey with First Paw's CBD Oil Consultation

(1) Book online

A home vet visit from the comfort of home to assess your pet in person. This is a legal requirement in order to prescribe any medications like CBD Oil. Here we will discuss your pet’s history, your interests in CBD Oil, taking into account any current medications and/or conditions, and then examine your pet from nose to tail

(2) Blood test

Please note when prescribing CBD Oil, gold standard practice involves a screening blood test. Your pet can have their blood test performed during your consultation with our dedicated First Paw CBD oil team Dr Abby and nurse Bec (Pending good behavior).A repeat consultation with repeat blood test will be advised four weeks post reaching your pet’s effective CBD Oil dose.Expand /more button:The reason and importance of this blood test is to screen your pet for any underlying organ dysfunction, particularly the liver, as the liver is important for CBD Oil metabolism.

(3) Prescribing CBD Oil

As long as the three requirements below have been met, we will follow up over the phone and prescribe your pet CBD Oil. This will be sent out to you directly from our exclusive partner compounding pharmacy.

  • We have seen you and your pet in person
  • We have records of your pet’s recent blood test screen
  • We have determined that your pet meets our criteria for CBD Oil treatment, with respect to indication, safety and cost.


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