Unsure if a trip to the vet clinic is necessary? Can’t find the time in your busy schedule? Or perhaps it’s too stressful for you & your pet?

Well forget the traffic because we are your ‘First Pawt of Call’.

We offer a personalised service so you know exactly who will be taking care of your pet each visit. First Paw mobile vet takes care of your pet’s routine veterinary care such as vaccinations, annual health screens, dental assessment, lump checks, lameness and arthritis care.
We work within your budget to find the best solutions for your pet’s health care. If we believe your pet requires further diagnostics or surgery, we can work together with your regular veterinarian to get the best outcomes for your pet.

Alternatively, we can provide our own recommendations for general practice or specialist referrals. Our aim is to comprehensively assess your pet and discuss all options with utmost transparency.

Why choose First Paw mobile vet

  • Avoid a visit to the vet clinic
  • Super convenient
  • Simply time saving
  • Less stressful for your pet
  • Great option for pets with mobility problems, especially large, arthritic dogs
  • Your pet might not travel well
  • You can’t get to the clinic
  • Super handy for busy parents
  • No more waiting in a busy waiting room
  • Beneficial for the elderly who might find it difficult getting to the clinic
  • No frustrating traffic
  • Allows the vet to see your pets more natural environment and behaviour
  • Reduces risk of clinic transmitted infections eg Kennel Cough, Cat Flu etc.
  • Take advantage of work-place vet visits if your lucky enough to work with your little buddy

Meet Dr Laurence – First Paw Founder

Starting First Paw

Throughout his career, Dr Laurence has seen first-hand how stressful, frustrating and inconvenient routine visits to the vet can be. Whether it be just physically getting to the vet, the stress of the waiting room, or unforeseen costs. Whatever the reason is Dr Laurence strongly believes in being open and honest with clients, and what better environment to do this but in the comfort and convenience of your home or work-place. At First Paw we believe our role as a vet is to assess your little buddy and then discuss all options with your pet’s wellbeing our number one priority.

Early career

His career began at the Burwood RSPCA, where he was able to gain experience across a wide range of areas including surgery, medicine and welfare. Following this Dr Laurence has worked in a variety of small animal general practice clinics across Melbourne, giving him an appreciation of what clients need and want when they visit a vet. Laurence saw the the development of a mobile vet clinic a great advantage for pets and their owners.

Area of interest

His area of interest is arthritis care and he is passionate about developing individual comprehensive management plans to increase your pet’s wellbeing and longevity.

Personal life

Whether it be relaxing in one of inner Melbourne’s famous parks, making the optimistic trek to the MCG to barrack for his beloved Melbourne Demons, or heading up to Metung and boating on the Gippsland lakes, Dr Laurence believes in a healthy work/life balance. He’s also got a sneaky passion for pet photography so keep an eye out when he comes knocking.

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What our customers say about us

We have been rated 5 stars not just for our expertise but also for our compassion towards animals and customer service.

recommended x 36
professional x 32
team x 42
caring x 38
quality x 27
compassionate x 18
trust x 21
affordable x 14