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In-Home or Workplace Visits

Comprehensive care for your much loved pet. First Paw offers a mobile veterinarian service to customers across inner Melbourne that is convenient and hassle-free. We understand the challenges involved in taking your cat or dog to the vet and want to reduce stress for both pets and their owners.

First Paw will travel straight to your door, home or work-place, to save you time and effort. Simply book online or contact us directly to chat about how our animal assessment and treatment options can meet your needs.

Vet visits made easy

Pets feel more relaxed at home

Convenient service

Our Services

Total pet care at affordable prices. Moreover, we’re happy to work with your regular vet if desired.

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Wellness Check

Have your pet thoroughly assessed from nose to tail. From annual health screens to itchy skin, we come to you.

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Your vet will determine the most suitable vaccination for your dog or cat, guided by your pet’s lifestyle and environment. C3 (including triennial), C5, Kennel cough, F3 & FIV.

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Lump & Bump Check

Have you noticed a lump on your pet that you are concerned about? For peace of mind and convenience have it assessed from home.

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Dental Check

Does your pet have bad breath? Find out what might be causing this and if a dental procedure is indicated.

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Mobility Check

The house-call mobility consultation is ideal for lame pets and those with osteoarthritis which have trouble getting to the vet clinic.

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And much more…

including Cytopoint allergy injections, heartworm injections, prescriptions and home euthanasia.

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Why Choose First Paw?

We pride ourselves on giving non-biased assessments while advising on the various options available from surgical referrals to parasite cover and more.

  • Professional, personal and understanding
  • We genuinely love animals and treat our patients as if they were our own
  •  Personal veterinary experience by the same vet each time
  • We can work with your regular vet clinic

Meet your pet’s veterinarian - Dr Laurence

Dr Laurence, owner of First Paw, strongly believes in being open and honest with clients. At First Paw, we believe our role as a vet is to assess your little buddy and then discuss all options with your pet’s wellbeing our number one priority.

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Why Xenia chose First Paw
over her regular vet?

“Wasn’t sure what to expect with the mobile vet – but I thought it was worth a
shot. Going to the vet used to be such an ordeal with 2 x adult rottweiler. Dr
Laurence was very thorough with their examinations. He noticed issues my
previous vet hadn’t and was also was able to take some samples of some
suspicious-looking lumps. He followed up to see how the dogs were going,
and called to explain the results a few days later.”

– Xenia Alexander

How it works

Book a Vet Appointment Online

Choose an appointment option from our available services. Don’t forget to select some parasite cover for convenient delivery (found during booking process). There is no Pre-Payment required. Feel free to email us your pet’s previous history if you wish (Preferred regarding any current pet conditions/medications)

Prepare for Your Vet's Visit

A quiet room or confined area outdoors is ideal for examination, for small dogs a table or bench is very helpful. For anxious cats, please confine them to a carrier cage, the bathroom or an enclosed room where they can’t run and hide. Please allow a half hour window for us to arrive in case of potential traffic/parking delays. Oh and don’t forget to let us know if your pet has any behaviour quirks we should know about, for safety sake 🙂

Your First Paw Mobile Vet Visit

The Vet will always call your given contact number upon arrival to have a friendly chat and take your pet’s history. We will then conduct our house-call vet examination from the comfort of your home or workplace and give our expert treatment & advice. Payment is required at the time of the visit and can be made preferably by debit/credit card or phone tapping.

After Our Visit

Receive your receipt and pet’s vaccination certificate by email, any veterinary referrals or pet medication scripts can be organised. Follow ups will be carried out in the subsequent days as indicated, with your pet’s visit history being sent to any regular or referral veterinary clinic if required.

Traveling Vets to The Rescue

Dr Laurence Gullifer established First Paw to provide pet owners with a stress-free alternative to the traditional veterinarian experience. A passion for animal welfare has driven the business since its inception, and today this ethos remains as strong as ever. Choose our friendly and reliable service for total convenience and to save valuable time.

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We have been rated 5 stars not just for our expertise but also for our compassion towards animals and customer service