We got you covered

Have you noticed a lump on your pet that you are concerned about? Does that lump actually need surgical removal at the vet clinic? For peace of mind and early diagnosis book in for a house-call lump check to get it examined.

Rest easy knowing that your pet’s well being is top of mind. First Paw always provides excellent service from the comfort of your own home. Our lump and bump checks will help to screen your pet for a range of common issues that can impact their health and wellbeing.

These mobile services are available across inner Melbourne and are designed to take the stress out of your day. First Paw will happily refer your animal to your regular vet clinic for further treatment if required or we can recommend one.

What’s included in lump & bump check

  • A complete pet clinical examination
  • Veterinary lump assessment.
  • Investigation of lump via Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) if indicated (lump location and behaviour permitting)
  • Samples expertly assessed by a veterinary pathologist with results followed up within a few days.
  • Treatment options discussed.
  • Advice on vet referral options for surgery, ranging from Specialist to General Practice.
  • Supply of pet scripts for online prescription medications.
  • Your pet’s history and pathologists’ results emailed to you & your regular vet if required.

What's next?

If your pet needs a lump & bump check, feel free to book an appointment with us, read our FAQs, check pricing or simply get in touch with us.