We got you covered

The house-call mobility consultation is ideal for lame (acute or chronic) pets and those with osteoarthritis which have trouble getting to the vet clinic.

First Paw know a thing or two about the importance of animal mobility and how to check for any issues that may be impacting the quality of life of your pet.

Simply call us and we will travel direct to your home or workplace and get straight to work conducting a comprehensive mobility assessment. We will observe your much loved pet in their natural home environment and detect any areas leading to discomfort.

What’s included

  • Complete pet clinical examination and lameness exam.
  • Important Body Condition assessment.
  • Multimodal management plans for osteoarthritis including medical, natural and lifestyle changes.
  • NEW Beransa and Solensia monthy arthritis injections for dogs and cats respectfully.
  • CBD Oil consideration and advice.
  • Cartrophen/Pentosan arthritis injections.
  • Pain relief if necessary.
  • Supply of pet scripts for online prescription medications.
  • Referral options to vet clinics ranging from General Practice to Specialist for further diagnostics, surgery, acupuncture or physiotherapy if needed.

What's next?

If your pet needs a mobility check, feel free to book an appointment with us, read our FAQs, check pricing or simply get in touch with us.