Our at-home Euthanasia service allows you to say goodbye to your pet from the comfort of your own home without the stress of having to transport your pet to a vet clinic. Our kind and professional vet takes the time to ensure your beloved pet receives the warm and heartfelt home goodbye they deserve. We also offer an end of life phone consultation service with our vet, you can read more about this service below.

Please note:

Whilst we will always do our best to be with you when you need us, we endeavour to work with pet owners for whom euthanasia is a planned and carefully considered decision. If your pet is in crisis or requires urgent medical attention please contact your local veterinarian or emergency clinic.


We use and recommend Edenhills (edenhills.com.au) for body collection and/or cremation services. This is because they provide a heartfelt premium service during this important part of your pet’s farewell. We recommend booking them for one hour after your scheduled appointment time with us. Alternatively, you can arrange your own pet aftercare or burial in a special place.


Home goodbye:
Our pet euthanasia starts from $450, depending on the weight of your pet (inclusive of our call-out fee). Further pricing can be found within booking process. Often we will administer a pre-euthanasia sedation if indicated, this is included in the pricing as is vet nurse support.

End of life phone consultation service:
$49 for a 20-minute phone consultation.

Home Good-bye phone consultation and guidance 

We know this time in your life can be very hard and emotional. Even just thinking of saying good-bye to your beloved pet takes great courage so well done for just getting here.

Our remote phone consultation service acts as a caring and helpful First Pawt of call during this difficult time. 

  • Unsure if it’s the right time? Our vet can provide guidance and advice to help you decide.
  • A friendly chat with our vet to discuss our service and protocol.
  • Advice on how to prepare for the day and what to expect.
  • Discussion of aftercare options including Edenhills Pet Cremation.
  • We can arrange a suitable time or tentative time if appropriate.

Booking an appointment

If you would like to book a Home-Goodbye with Dr Laurence please book online below or call us at 9068 5655

Alternatively if you would like to schedule a Phone Consultation, please contact us at hello@firstpaw.com.au