Northcote’s Mobile Veterinarian

Does traveling to the vet make your pet anxious? Are you tired of sitting in odorous waiting rooms with your nervous little pooch? With First Paw, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to receive quality vet care.

Offering a variety of services including vaccinations and health screens, dental checks, mobility clearance, arthritis injections, lump and bump exams and additional support for cats and dogs, First Paw is Melbourne’s most trusted mobile vet service.

Hassle-free vet house-calls

Skip the frustrating traffic and the inevitable waiting room stress. Save time and help your pet feel more relaxed by booking an appointment with a professional that they can get familiar with and feel comfortable around.

Working within your budget to find the best solutions for your pet, if they require further diagnosis or surgery, we can also work together to find a specialist or veterinarian who can further assist your pet to get the best outcome for you and your little furry friend.

Whether you have your hands full with young kids or your pet suffers from mobility issues and its a challenge to get them in and out of the car for appointments, First Paw’s friendly and reliable service saves you valuable time and provides ultimate convenience.

Meet our doctor on wheels

Professional, personal and understanding, Dr Laurence Gullifer has over 10 years of experience in surgery, medicine and the welfare of animals. Equipped with a well-rounded understanding of what clients need and expect when visiting the vet, Dr Laurence has experienced first-hand how stressful, frustrating and inconvenient routine vet visits can be.

Book an Appointment With Dr Laurence

Servicing Northcote and Melbourne’s surrounding suburbs

From Albert Park to Flemington our mobile vet service travels all over Melbourne offering professional and compassionate veterinary care for your cats and dogs, whilst eliminating the hassle of having to journey across town to a vet clinic. View First Paw’s full list of service areas or email us at to chat more about your pet and any specific requirements they may have.