East Melbourne Veterinary Services

Living in the CBD is becoming an increasingly popular option for Melbourne families and professionals keen to be close to their place of work. With that, having a pet can warm up a metropolitan apartment and provide much needed company.

However, we understand that keeping pets in the CBD can cause anxiety for animal lovers concerned that they won’t get easy access to a vet should issues arise for their pets.

To battle this, we provide at home or at work veterinary visits within the East Melbourne area to help diagnose and care for your pet.

First Paw’s services

First paw comprises passionate experts who are dedicated to providing comprehensive services for your pet. Whether you’re seeking advice on your pet’s dental issues, checkups for lumps and bumps, vaccinations or other symptoms, our mobile vets will help assess your pet’s health and get them on the road to recovery.

Contact the team at First Paw today

If you’re keen to get in touch with one of our First Paw Mobile Vets, simply book online or call for advice.

After booking with us, we’ll come to your selected location and conduct an in-depth assessment to get to the core of the issue. We recommend preparing a quiet space and a bench in order to conduct a swift examination and to make the experience a calm one for your pet.

We also service homes located in the Docklands area, should you wish to have one of our qualified veterinarians come and assess your pet’s health in your Docklands home.