Docklands Vet Services

With more Melbourne families and professionals choosing to live and work in the heart of the CBD, downsizing to an apartment can be made all the more enjoyable with the presence of a pet.

However, we understand that for pet-owners living in the city, having a pet in a metropolitan area can cause anxiety for those keen to have a vet at their disposal.

At First Paw, our Docklands veterinarians do just that: providing in home or workplace visits to assist in the health and welfare of your animal companion.

How we can help

Our comprehensive services include checkups for lumps and bumps, vaccinations, dental checks, prescriptions and much more. Our mobile service ensures that your pet’s issues can be quickly assessed without leaving the home.

We also work alongside existing veterinary hospitals you may already be attached to, allowing you to arrange a checkup with us that may lead to a surgical referral to them.

Get in touch with First Paw today

If you’re keen to have one of our mobile vets speak to you or visit you, please get in touch with us via the form on the right. No matter where you are in the Docklands area, our team is willing and able to bring the best in pet care to your furry friend wherever you are.

Alternatively, we also have a vet in the outlying area of East Melbourne, providing better access to petlovers living in the city.