Call us to save time and effort. First Paw works hard to get to each client in a timely manner so that you don’t have to wait. We appreciate just how difficult it can be to deal with a pet that is unwell or in pain. So, to ensure that you aren’t left in a tough situation without answers, our vets will come straight to your front door. We will save you valuable time throughout your week by thoroughly assessing your pet and determining the next best step. From the comfort of your own home, our staff will recommend whether or not a proper veterinary visit is required and provide a referral if necessary. Reach out to First Paw for exceptional animal treatments in Kensington. Online booking is available for your convenience.

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We take the stress out of all situations. Choose First Paw for a convenient service that helps you to avoid a trip to your vet clinic. Our business is fantastic if your pet suffers with mobility issues or doesn’t travel well. We can help in a variety of ways and always do great work. Speak with us about animal health screenings, deworming, dental assessments, vaccinations and much more. The committed team at First Paw go above and beyond to ensure great outcomes. It’s in our nature to care for animals in need and we always work with great passion and love. We are here to assist with your pet care needs, so get in touch today and we will be knocking on your front door before you know it.

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Speak with First Paw about meeting your pet’s treatment needs. We differ from other vets in that we travel to your own personal space to ensure as little stress as possible is created for your pet. It’s all about ensuring the best for your animal and keeping things simple and easy for you. You will be amazed by our exceptional level of customer care and the friendly attitude that we work with. If you already have a regular vet, we are also happy to refer you back to them for any further diagnostic or surgical treatments that we feel your pet may require.
Speak to the team at First Paw and we will help you to deal with all of your pet care needs. Look to us for a convenient service that saves you time and energy.

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