Mobile Veterinarian Services in Fitzroy

Finding vet care for your pet shouldn’t be made any harder than making a call. First Paw Mobile Vet offers a range of veterinarian services right where you are, when you need us there. Take the stress out of that trip to the vet clinic by letting us make the trip to you! First Paw Mobile Vets has only been active for a short while, but we have already helped plenty of pet owners get their furry friends the medical attention they need. 

Any health questions you may have, we can help you find answers. Visits to your home or workplace are a great way to get any dental concerns, lumps or difficulty moving around checked out. These First Point checks let you get out in front of any medical concerns you might have for your pet. Our focus is on helping you find the best way forward, don’t hesitate to book with First Paw Mobile Vets today!

Convenience and Quality Care for Your Pet

With First Paw Mobile Vet, you can find a way to fit top-quality care for your pet into even your busiest days. If you’re lucky enough to get to bring your best mate to work with you, we can even meet you there. Convenience and quality are our strong suits and we know that access to veterinarian services where you are at a time that works for you can be a game-changer for those with busy schedules. 

The Benefits of a Veterinarian Home Visit

Aside from making it easy to get top-quality care for your pet at a time convenient for you, home and workplace visits have a whole other range of benefits. Visiting you and your pet at your home or workplace cuts out the stress of getting to a clinic, but it also gives us the chance to see your pet in an environment that is familiar to them.

For pets that are potentially dealing with arthritis and mobility issues, seeing your home environment and having a chance to see how your pet moves around that environment can give us a much clearer picture of their condition, and what treatments might be best for them.

Call us Today!

If you are worried about something, or just want a stress-free check up that fits in with your schedule, know that you can book online with us. We specialise in finding ways to work around your busy schedule and we can help you find the care your pet needs at a time that works for you.

Perhaps you’re not in Fitzroy, but rather Richmond or Toorak. First Paw Mobile Vets are growing and servicing a wider region of Melbourne every day. Get in contact with us to see how and where we can help you and your furry friend today!


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