We predominantly service Inner Metro Melbourne suburbs and CBD. See our serviceable area for the suburbs we cover.
There is a standard call out fee of $119, which includes consultation and clinical examination of your pet. This is within normal week-day operating hours (before 6pm) and within our serviceable area (see above). Any extras will incur additional fees including additional pets, vaccinations, medications, diagnostic tests etc. Visit our pricing page.
Travelling to your home - convenient and saves you time.
First Paw’s professionalism, expertise and friendly service.
Consultation including thorough history taking/discussion and clinical examination.
Info links and emailed certificates as required.
Unbiased referral advice and follow ups if required.
Yes certainly we can, in fact we encourage multi-pet visits and offer discounts for subsequent pets. Usually we have a limit of 3 pets within our normal consultation time, however feel free to contact us if you are interested in more than this.
Unfortunately we do not. We are an exclusive mobile vet consulting service. Your pets health is our number one priority therefore we provide non-biased referrals for anything that is best suited for a vet clinic/hospital. Some examples of cases where we recommend a vet clinic/hospital visit rather than a mobile service include:
– Blood/Urine sampling
– Sedation procedures (eg nail trims, cat grooming etc.)
– Imaging procedures - xrays and ultrasounds
– Surgeries and Dentals under general anaesthetic
– Emergency case management etc.

A vet hospital is very much preferred for these procedures as they have the necessary support staff/vet nurses and facilities required to provide gold standard veterinary care. See our services page for everything we offer.
If your pet requires urgent medical care or a service we don't offer the following pet transport options are available:
– Uber for pets
– Pet Taxi
– Alternatively you can try seeking help from family, friends or neighbours etc.

*Please note we do not provide pet transport services.
We are happy to refer you back to your regular local vet, alternatively we can provide non-biased referral options to a range of clinics and specialist centres.
Emergency/after hour Vet Hospitals:
– Lort Smith Animal Hospital (North Melbourne)
– CARE (Collingwood)
– Advanced Vet Care (Kensington)
Yes we certainly do home good-byes. We strongly believe this is a much preferred alternative when saying good-bye to your beloved pet.
Please enquire at hello@firstpaw.com.au or call us (03) 9034 8453.
We recommend and use edenhills.com.au for body collection and cremation services.

Learn more about Home Good-byes.