Mobile Vets for Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs

A stress free solution. First Paw are committed to assisting customers across the northern suburbs with their pet care needs. Contact us and we will come straight to your door to assess your cat or dog with care and compassion. Our team endeavours to take the hassle out of treating animals in a variety of ways. We can determine whether or not your pet needs to be sent to a regular clinic before you go to the hassle of making an appointment and organising transport. First Paw knows the difference that a relaxed environment can make to the health of your pet and also the convenience that a home visit can bring to you. This is why we travel far and wide to customers throughout the northern suburbs and beyond. Call us today or book online and we will work on meeting your needs and more.


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How We Can Help

Expert help is a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to call the team at First Paw for advice and related care on how to best treat your pet, or simply book online. Our list of services can be carried out with a minimum of fuss directly from your own home or office so that you don’t have to deal with interruptions throughout the week. We offer preliminary treatments that include general health assessments, vaccinations, lump checks, pet dental care and more. If we believe that your pet’s welfare will benefit from a proper vet hospital’s facilities and support staff, then we will make a prompt referral to a local veterinary clinic or specialist centre.
So, if you are concerned about the wellbeing of your special buddy, then get in touch with the professional team that can get to you quickly and offer the best guidance. Our experienced and dedicated mobile vets work throughout Melbourne’s northern suburbs and beyond to ensure that every animal is well cared for.

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The Team On Wheels

We understand that your time is valuable. First Paw will come straight to your location so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our team prides itself on offering a great level of care that is convenient for our busy customers. We will work with you to achieve the best outcome for your pet each and every time. Call today to learn more about our no fuss assessment and treatment services that include timely home visits outside of work hours. Alternatively, follow our online booking process that’s quick and easy.


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