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Your First Pawt of Contact

Mobile Veterinarian Clinic Melbourne

In-Home or Workplace Visits

Comprehensive care for your much loved pet. First Paw offers a mobile veterinarian service to customers across inner Melbourne that is convenient and hassle free. We understand the challenges involved in taking your cat or dog to the vet and want to reduce stress across the board.


First Paw will travel straight to your door, home or work-place, to save you time and effort. Simply book online or contact us directly to chat about how our animal assessment and treatment options can meet your needs.

Our Services

Vaccination & Health Screen

Dental check

Mobility check   (Arthritis Injections)

Lump & Bump check

And More

Why Choose First Paw?

A Mobile Vet Servicing Inner Melbourne

Convenient and Stress-Free

We come to your home or workplace and offer hassle-free vet house-calls with no traffic or waiting room stress. Your pet will feel more relaxed, and we will save you time.

Your First Pawt of Call

Our mobile vet service offers first point checks to take care of your pet’s routine veterinary concerns. Can a trip to the vet hospital be avoided? Let’s find out.

Peace of Mind & Wellbeing

Early detection of common ailments is important to promote your pet’s longevity and wellbeing. It can be hard to find time to get to the vet, so we come to you.

Professional, Personal and Understanding

Receive a professional veterinary experience by the same vet each visit. Your pet’s well-being is our number one priority, we discuss cost-effective solutions tailored to your pet’s needs.

We can work with your regular vet clinic

We’re happy to work with your regular vet clinic if desired and refer you back for any further testing or surgery your pet may need. We offer a convenient service designed to save you time managing your pet’s routine health care needs.

Take the upper paw

We pride ourselves in giving non-bias assessments while advising on economical benefits regarding common parasite cover, medications and more.

Vet House Calls for Convenience

Book a Vet Appointment Online

Choose an appointment option from our available services. Don’t forget to select some parasite cover for convenient delivery (found during booking process). There is no Pre-Payment required, Feel free to email us your pet’s previous history if you wish (Preferred by the vet regarding any current pet conditions/medications)

Prepare for Your Vet’s Visit

A quiet enclosed room or confined area outdoors is ideal for examination, for small dogs a table or bench can be helpful. For scaredy cats it is very important to confine them to either a carrier cage, bathroom or room where they can’t run & hide. Please allow a half hour window for us to arrive in case of potential traffic/parking delays. Oh and don’t forget to let us know if your pet has any behaviour quirks we should know about, for safety sake 🙂

Your First Paw Mobile Vet Visit

We will conduct our house-call vet examination from the comfort of your home or workplace and give our expert treatment & advice. Payment is required at the time of the visit and can be made preferably by debit/credit card.

After Our Visit

Receive your pet’s vaccination certificate by email, any veterinary referrals or pet medication scripts can be organised. Lump pathology results will be followed up with you within 3 days, your pet’s visit history can be sent to your regular veterinary clinic if required.

Traveling Vets to The Rescue

Dr Laurence Gullifer established First Paw to provide pet owners with a stress free alternative to the traditional veterinarian experience. A passion for animal welfare and pet photography has driven the business since its inception and today this ethos remains as strong as ever. Choose our friendly and reliable service for total convenience and to save valuable time. We will come to your home for a pet assessment or prescription service and to perform our listed treatments where possible. If required, our team can also refer your animal to a standard clinic for further procedures. Please note that we are very happy to work with your regular vet and can refer you back to them if you prefer. Contact us for pet dental care, pet prescriptions, dog vaccinations and more. First Paw also works within Parkville Melbourne.

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